Yelawolf and Eminem Sing about Jesus?


The first and most anticipated track on Yelawolf’s newest album, Love Story, features the rapper and Eminem singing about an unlikely subject-Jesus. The super mellow track is a little bit calmer than many of Yelawolf’s past works, but its smooth beat is far from the most notable thing about the song. The mesmerizing vocals make the song easy to listen to a fun to vibe to, introducing a subject that I certainly never expected to be broached by Eminem and Yelawolf.

Didn’t Tone it Down

Even though the song is titled “Best Friend,” and talks about looking to God and Jesus to resolve problems, the song doesn’t tone down the cursing or fly under false pretenses. It is definitely Eminem and Yelawolf all the way, in their full blazing glory. Eminem displays his usual speed-rap/stop-and-go style with plenty of clever puns, which his fans expect and love. The pair also threatens haters with meeting their “Best friend,” which is an interesting twist.

Is This a New Trend?

With songs like Best Friend and movies like “God is Not Dead” making it to the main steam and becoming a talking point, it makes you wonder if talking about Christianity and religion in general is becoming the next fad in entertainment. Entertainers have long either embraced or avoided the subject, but this song makes it seem a little more possible to address the subject without full-on drinking the cool-aid. What better entertainers to start a conversation on the subject?

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