Yeah, No Party Room for you Mr Ochocinco


This little bit of gossip made me chuckle because it’s cool when a classy establishment won’t play ball with a trashy reality show. Apparently several high class Miami hotels have refused to play host to the marriage of Chad Ochocinco to his fiancee Evelyn Lozada. The reason being that the nuptials will be filmed for their “Basketball Wives” spinoff, “Ocho and Eve.” Because of this, the high quality establishments do not want any TV drama or anything to happen that may portray their establishment in an unflattering light.
Who can blame these major hotels for covering their backs? The potential positive publicity and initial revenue are far outweighed by the chance of bad publicity. So far the St. Regis, Ritz and Breakers have all turned the couple down. Maybe they should try a Quality Inn. Any publicity is good publicity to them and of course they even offer a free breakfast buffet and newspaper.

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