Yankees GM homeless?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

OMFG Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman caught sleeping on the street! In an effort to save money on a hotel and shore up funds for the upcoming free agents, Cashman decided to opt out of an expensive NYC hotel room and sleep on the sidewalk for the night. Actually not really.

Although Cashman did sleep on the street Thursday night, it was for a charity that he is currently sitting on the board of directors, the Covenant House Crisis Center, located on 41st st and 10th Ave in  NYC. The organization helps approximately 50,000 children a year who come through their doors looking for food and shelter. This is a great cause that Cashman has been involved with since 2009.
Says Cashman of the kids who come looking for help “I’ve met a lot of these kids, and their desire to succeed is unbelievable.” Cashman is not only a great general manager, but clearly a great human being as well. It’s not every day you see someone of that stature and power sleeping on the street to show his solidarity for a good cause. We here at OMFG Gossip have one simple question “What was Theo Epstein doing that night?”

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