Wilson Ramos freed in Venezuela

STR/AFP/Getty Images

OMFG! Things are so bad in third world countries, even the professional kidnappers can’t do their jobs correctly. On Wednesday, Washington Nationals Catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnappedfrom his parent’s home in Venezuela. The conspirators had planned the abduction well and were hoping to extort a large ransom in exchange for Ramos.

Today, police located Ramos at his captor’s mountain hideout and after an exchange of gunfire, were able to rescue the National’s catcher before he was harmed. Four men in their twenties and an older couple were taken into custody following the standoff.

It’s very scary living in a world where your own countrymen are willing to kidnap you and barter your life for a sum of money. We at OMFG Gossip are glad to hear that the entire Ramos family is alive and well and can only hope that this episode of kidnapping and ransom demands will be a one time event and not replicated in the future.

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