Will the Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up…



OMFG is happy to reveal the real Justin Bieber, OMFG’s version, was on the clearance table at Staples for a bargain price of $4 reduced from $7.99! Now we’re talking real figures, this is a good price for his next concert ticket prices. Actually, this is celebrity endorsement at it’s lowest, Bieber Duct tape. Who would buy that? Come on, own up! Beliebers may not want to belieb, their boy wonder idol turned idiotic lout could ever be in a clearance section, but we’re staring to think he looks better this way and is a lot more bieberable! He’s quiet, his clothes are on, we don’t have to witness any girating groin moves from the barely-out-of-puberty singer who seems to think he’s an Adonis with a gangsta attitude and posse, when really, most baby girls could drop kick his obnoxious ass out of Compton! Maybe it’s the puberty hormones still messing with him?

Whatever, OMFG likes this version of Justin Bieber, he’s really found his calling. If you are brave enough to admit you bought Bieber Duct tape, let us know in the comments section or on the contact us page what you were thinking and how you used it, cos we have a crate full of table crackers for Thanksgiving that we’d like to fill with funnies.

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