Will.i.am Shows up to Climate Concern Talk in a Chopper

220512-will1sSo, you’re committed to the issues of preventing climate change and you write songs about it, but what do you do in practice? Well, the gossip is that if you are Will.i.am you turn up to a climate concern meeting in a gas guzzling helicopter. It’s just the latest in a continuing trend by which a celebrity will champion environmental issues with their words but will not suffer inconvenience themselve

s to set a good example.
Although I am sure the singer’s time is very valuable, and by using the helicopter he was able to fit more into his day, it’s hardly appropriate given the circumstances. Will.i.am was attending the talk, which was to focus on preventing climate change, at Oxford University in the UK. Other attendees who witnessed the star’s arrival were well aware of the irony involved in turning up by his chosen mode of transport. The question is therefore whether talking about the issues is enough, or should these stars be setting a solid example?

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