Will.i.Am Just Couldn’t Wait to Test His New Wheels

061512-will-i-am-launch-1In doing dumb crap gossip, rapper Will.i.Am of the Black Eyed Peas has gone and gotten his brand new car impounded before he really had chance to drive it. Apparently the impatient star simply could not wait for the car to be road legal with license plates and documents and took it out for a spin anyway. Well, his custom made plateless car attracted the notice of police who pulled him over and impounded the vehicle.

Will.i.Am really is not a patient guy because a little while ago it was reported that he took a gas guzzling helicopter to an environmental concern speech. The reason given for that case of hypocrisy was simply that he was in a rush to get somewhere after the speech. So here’s your lesson Will, slow it down and learn to wait. Illegal and undocumented vehicles should not be on the road. It is a case of public safety, even if yours was brand spanking new it sets a terrible example.

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