Whitney Houston’s Sister-in-law Trying to Muscle in on Award Ceremony

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Okay, simple question: who is closer to a person, their sister-in-law or their daughter? I would say certainly a daughter is and I think most would agree, so what is Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law doing? The gossip is that Pat Houston is trying to force her way into the spotlight by accepting a Billboard Music Award on the late singer’s behalf. Producers for the show feel that Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, should accept the award on her mother’s behalf, and rightly so. However, Pat is making things difficult and demanding that she be the person to accept the award and make the acceptance speech.

So, let’s not be fooled here. It’s not through any sense of wanting to honor the late star or else she would gladly let Bobbi Kristina do it. This is about getting promotion for her new reality series and that is, without question, disgusting.

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