What the Heck Is a Corpse Flower and Why Are They All Over the News?

You may have noticed headlines about something called a corpse flower popping up all over the news lately. These plants are obviously rare, otherwise you likely would have heard of them before and they probably wouldn’t be making headlines. However, these plants have more strangeness surrounding them than their simple rarity.

Corpse Flowers Smell Like Rotting Meat

Most flowers give off sweet smells to attract pollinators like bees so that the species can proliferate. The pollinators of corpse flowers are carrion beetles, flies, and other insects that are generally attracted to – you guessed it – rotting meat. The plant produces heat along with the stench, so the scent travels farther. The stinky plants have attracted many who are curious due to the plants rarity, but the plants would probably not be so popular if there were more of them around.

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