Why “The Night Of” Is Just What We Need Right Now

HBO’s new series, “The Night Of” premiered last night and has captivated a pretty large audience already. The show promises great things and there are a few reasons why a show like this is exactly what we need right now. The Mystery Is Engaging The show comes at us with disembodied imagery and a compelling mystery. The main character, nicknamed Naz, makes a series of bad … [Read more...]

We Can’t Wait for These 4 TV Shows to Start This Summer

There are some amazing shows already going on this summer, but there are more on the way in just a few weeks! As this summer heats up, the stories are heating up right along with it. The following are a few shows that people are marking their calendars for. Vice Principles starts July 17 Danny McBride in a lead role is enough to catch the attention of Eastbound and Down … [Read more...]