Eagles Talk About Playing Against Hardy


Going into the game against the Dallas Cowboys without their celebrated left tackle, Jason Peters, the Philadelphia Eagles had some trepidations. Lane Johnson, who usually plays right tackle, likened having to start on the left to a right-hander trying to perform tasks with his left hand. Regardless of their setbacks, the team livened up and beat the Cowboys 33-27. Afterward, … [Read more...]

“Concussion” Hacked Emails Inspire Headaches for Sony


On Monday, Sony released a trailer for a new movie called “Concussion.” The movie is based on the findings of Dr. Bennet Omalu, which related repeated head trauma from playing football to the development of dementia and even death of football players. The movie also focuses on the attempt by the NFL to cover-up the findings, all of which is based on real life events. Hacked … [Read more...]

Warren Sapp Fired and Losing Endorsement Deals Following Arrest


The weekend of the Super Bowl, Warren Sapp was in Phoenix covering the game for the NFL network. While he was there, Sapp was arrested for soliciting prostitution and assaulting the two women that he was speaking to about the transaction. The NFL responded by suspending Sapp immediately and indefinitely, then later firing him. To add to Sapp’s woes, he is now losing endorsement … [Read more...]

Adrian Peterson Ruling Causes NFLPA to Sue NFL


A lawsuit was filed against the NFL by the Player’s Association just a few hours after the release of a recording between Adrian Peterson and Troy Vincent. The recording was made legally by Peterson on November 12 when he phoned Vincent to speak about his suspension from the team over child abuse charges. Vincent is the Minnesota Viking’s executive vice president of football … [Read more...]