Why “The Night Of” Is Just What We Need Right Now

HBO’s new series, “The Night Of” premiered last night and has captivated a pretty large audience already. The show promises great things and there are a few reasons why a show like this is exactly what we need right now. The Mystery Is Engaging The show comes at us with disembodied imagery and a compelling mystery. The main character, nicknamed Naz, makes a series of bad … [Read more...]

These 3 Things Happened Because of the GoT Season 6 Premiere

For the millions of Game of Thrones fans around the world, Sunday was a much anticipated day. The season came back in full force, with “The Red Woman” as the premiere episode. As with any episode, some loved it and some hated it, but no one can deny that the episode moved the pawns of GoT around the board. The episode answered lots of questions and catalyzed a few events. HBO … [Read more...]

Deadwood Movie May Become a Reality

For Deadwood fans the world over, the abrupt cancellation of the show in 2006 came as an unpleasant shock that left dedicated viewers without a sense of closure on the hit show. The show was based in South Dakota in the 1800s and had an extremely colorful cast of characters (including Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok) with an even more colorful vocabulary. HBO has finally … [Read more...]