Big Sean Detroit Homecoming Rocks, Features Surprise Guests

Big Sean’s homecoming concert Friday night was a big deal and Big Sean promised that all the fuss would be worth it. He did not disappoint, and the homecoming show proved to be one for the books. The show has been referred to as an “all-star hip hop festival” and featured two of the biggest names in the rap scene-Lil Wayne and Eminem. Biggest Names in the Game While Eminem … [Read more...]

Yelawolf and Eminem Sing about Jesus?

The first and most anticipated track on Yelawolf’s newest album, Love Story, features the rapper and Eminem singing about an unlikely subject-Jesus. The super mellow track is a little bit calmer than many of Yelawolf’s past works, but its smooth beat is far from the most notable thing about the song. The mesmerizing vocals make the song easy to listen to a fun to vibe to, … [Read more...]