Seth Rogan

Rogan’s Journey and Recent Work


After becoming familiar to audiences through movies like The 40-Year-Old-Virgin and Knocked Up, Rogan’s career picked up speed. Superbad drew tons of praise and topped the U.S. box office, making Rogan a household name as not just an actor but a writer. The main character was based after Rogan and was named Seth, so the film easily transitioned Rogan from just an actor to a comedic genius in viewers’ minds.

Rogan’s most recent work was doing voice acting for Sausage Party and Kung Fu Panda 3. Rogan also acted a bit outside of his norm as Steve Wozniak in the Steve Jobs movie. Rogan went with a slightly more grown-up version of his general slacker character in Neighbors and brought about a world of controversy with The Interview. Rogan was a producer and writer of the show Preacher.

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