Sausage Party Surprisingly Satisfies in Several Ways

Sausage Party is the first R-rated computer animated feature, starring a cast of characters that we have come to know well for their raunchiness and wide range of humor. The movie is definitely a bizarre concept, with talking food discovering that rather than a sublime afterlife, they have being butchered and eaten to look forward to after purchase. If you see the movie ready to roll with whatever comes at you – and with a high tolerance for offensive commentary – the movie is surprisingly satisfying.

Shocks In Every Way Possible


Sausage Party is definitely not short on sexual innuendo and even blatant sexual commentary and weird sex scenes featuring food. Basically, the movie finds every envelop possible and pushes it. The result is not as ill-conceived as it may sound, though. The movie talks about things that are usually shushed, so it is a little refreshing. Profanity lovers will be delighted, as well.

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