G20 Leaders Putin Pressure about Ukraine on Russian President

Tony Abbott, Australia's Prime Minister had promised his nation to 'shirtfront' Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit hosted in Brisbane in retaliation to the deaths of 38 Australian citizens and residents after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was destroyed by a missile from a launcher that came out of Russia. Shirtfront is a term used in Australian football describing an illegal … [Read more...]

Will the Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up…

  OMFG is happy to reveal the real Justin Bieber, OMFG's version, was on the clearance table at Staples for a bargain price of $4 reduced from $7.99! Now we're talking real figures, this is a good price for his next concert ticket prices. Actually, this is celebrity endorsement at it's lowest, Bieber Duct tape. Who would buy that? Come on, own up! Beliebers may not … [Read more...]

OMFG! Was the Bieber/Bloom Fight About Exes?

A punch flew and didn’t even land far far away in Ibiza the other day, but it was definitely the gossip shot heard ‘round the world. Fallen pop prince Justin Bieber and actor Orlando Bloom were both in the party palace that is Ibiza, Spain on Wednesday and as soon as they came into contact with one another they began exchanging jabs and shoving each other. Bloom and Bieber were … [Read more...]