The Insane Backlash Over Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was just released this past weekend and received a bevy of not just bad but zealously outraged reviews. The energy of the reviews actually matches the high energy of the movie. At heart, the movie is a refreshing change from the “strong, silent” hero movies that we have come to expect from adapted comics, launching a full cast of villains that have to act in hero … [Read more...]

Why “The Night Of” Is Just What We Need Right Now

HBO’s new series, “The Night Of” premiered last night and has captivated a pretty large audience already. The show promises great things and there are a few reasons why a show like this is exactly what we need right now. The Mystery Is Engaging The show comes at us with disembodied imagery and a compelling mystery. The main character, nicknamed Naz, makes a series of bad … [Read more...]

This Weekend’s Box Office Numbers Shocked Us for a Few Reasons

This past weekend’s box office numbers weren’t exactly in line with expectations. Finding Dory did overwhelmingly well, while Independence Day 2: Resurgence underwhelmed and didn’t even pull as much as the original back in 1996 – when tickets were much, much cheaper. There were a few other oddball situations that stunned, too. Sequels Dominated In a world were original … [Read more...]