3 Reasons Elizabeth Gilbert’s Confession Is Not Actually That Shocking

Yesterday, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of bestseller “Eat. Pray.Love.” announced that she is in love with Rayya Elias, her best friend of many years. The news made headlines across pretty much every major news source and shocked and outraged individuals slung mud around on comments forums. Here’s why the announcement wasn’t actually all that shocking, though. She Has Always … [Read more...]

What the Heck Is a Corpse Flower and Why Are They All Over the News?

You may have noticed headlines about something called a corpse flower popping up all over the news lately. These plants are obviously rare, otherwise you likely would have heard of them before and they probably wouldn’t be making headlines. However, these plants have more strangeness surrounding them than their simple rarity. Corpse Flowers Smell Like Rotting Meat Most … [Read more...]

Why This Election Is Such a Circus

The election is just about four months away now and the whole campaign has turned into a veritable circus. It is impossible to turn on the television without hearing a candidate speaking or someone bashing a candidate. The whole thing has stepped right out of the political arena and turned right into something like a reality show. To step back and examine the election, the … [Read more...]