Sausage Party Surprisingly Satisfies in Several Ways

Sausage Party is the first R-rated computer animated feature, starring a cast of characters that we have come to know well for their raunchiness and wide range of humor. The movie is definitely a bizarre concept, with talking food discovering that rather than a sublime afterlife, they have being butchered and eaten to look forward to after purchase. If you see the movie ready … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Every Mom Needs to See Bad Moms

“Bad Moms” aired in theaters this past weekend and made an impressive $23 million. The movie appealed to the everyday mom that knows she is not perfect and is not trying to be. The movie was a refreshing giggle at the absurdity of judgmentalness that surrounds moms these days. The movie took to Twitter to hype it up a little before its release and delivered on all of its … [Read more...]

How a Gay Star Trek Character May Change Everything

The actor John Cho revealed in an interview that he would be playing the part of a gay man in the upcoming Star Trek installment, Star Trek Beyond. The franchise has been known for doing progressive things in the past, such as showing a kiss between two characters of different races when it was taboo and selecting a Russian character during the Cold War. The original Sulu was … [Read more...]