4 Pieces of Evidence That Taylor Swift Is Not Fair in the Game of Love

She Is Basically a Serial Monogamist Taylor is the classic definition of a serial monogamist. She barely pauses between relationships, moving swiftly (hehe) onto the next guy after each breakup. It seems that she is addicted to the rush of new love. No matter whether she initiated the breakup or not, she seems to jump right into the next thing almost immediately. A … [Read more...]

This Remarkable Pianist Will Inspire You

He Plays Despite Partial Paralysis Norman Malone loves to play the piano, and does so better than most. This may not seem remarkable – until you know that his amazing playing is all done with just one hand. Malone was injured at the age of 10 and has only had the use of one of his hands since. At that age, he already had a lot of love for playing the piano, so he worked … [Read more...]

Death Row Records Dies and Leaves Me SMH Over These 4 Facts

Death Row records filed bankruptcy and it looks like many of the rappers that made the label famous will be losing out on the deal. The label has apparently been losing money since Tupac’s last album, coming into serious difficulties when Suge Knight went to jail. The label was one of the most prominent labels in the 90s and helped to establish the modern age of rap music, but … [Read more...]