John Legend Stirs Up Even More Controversy Over National Anthem

Colin Kaepernick sparked a controversy on Friday night when he decided to stay seated for the pre-game playing of the National Anthem. The pre-game ceremony took place before the 49ers played Green Bay and Kaepernick explained after the game that he refused to show pride for a flag that stands for a country that oppresses people of color. Now John Legend has jumped up to take … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga’s Growing Up

Lady Gaga has changed a lot since she first came onto the scene a few years ago. She was very gimmicky and pulled some stunts that got her into the public eye in a big way. Now Gaga is 30, though, and she seems to be making some changes that are pretty age appropriate. Her elegant new style is among them, but is not the only way that Gaga is showing the world that she is … [Read more...]

Why JLo and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Orlando Tribute Is Awesome

JLo and Lin-Manuel Miranda performed a new song on NBC’s “Today” show to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting and to bring a message of hope to the family and friends of those injured or killed during the shooting. The performance was great and the tribute was a refreshing change from most of the reactions to the shooting. The Message Hits the Mark The message that … [Read more...]