The Insane Backlash Over Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was just released this past weekend and received a bevy of not just bad but zealously outraged reviews. The energy of the reviews actually matches the high energy of the movie. At heart, the movie is a refreshing change from the “strong, silent” hero movies that we have come to expect from adapted comics, launching a full cast of villains that have to act in hero … [Read more...]

Why This Election Is Such a Circus

The election is just about four months away now and the whole campaign has turned into a veritable circus. It is impossible to turn on the television without hearing a candidate speaking or someone bashing a candidate. The whole thing has stepped right out of the political arena and turned right into something like a reality show. To step back and examine the election, the … [Read more...]

Kit Harington

Kit Harington is a London born English actor that has become a household name for his role in Game of Thrones. He  is currently hot on the Hollywood market and has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Drama Series. Harington is the son of a playwright and businessman. He was named after Christopher Marlowe, who shortened his name to … [Read more...]