The Insane Backlash Over Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was just released this past weekend and received a bevy of not just bad but zealously outraged reviews. The energy of the reviews actually matches the high energy of the movie. At heart, the movie is a refreshing change from the “strong, silent” hero movies that we have come to expect from adapted comics, launching a full cast of villains that have to act in hero … [Read more...]

Kim Kardashian Paper Butt Spread

Kim Kardashian is winner of the biggest ass... hold it... biggest ass whooping. The trashy reality star, personality, person is so out of touch with reality, the best she can do is get her kit off, make a sex tape, or complain on her un-reality show that she has to move into her mother's mansion cos her mansion with Kanye West isn't ready yet, get your violins out now - boo … [Read more...]

Will the Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up…

  OMFG is happy to reveal the real Justin Bieber, OMFG's version, was on the clearance table at Staples for a bargain price of $4 reduced from $7.99! Now we're talking real figures, this is a good price for his next concert ticket prices. Actually, this is celebrity endorsement at it's lowest, Bieber Duct tape. Who would buy that? Come on, own up! Beliebers may not … [Read more...]