What the Heck Is a Corpse Flower and Why Are They All Over the News?

You may have noticed headlines about something called a corpse flower popping up all over the news lately. These plants are obviously rare, otherwise you likely would have heard of them before and they probably wouldn’t be making headlines. However, these plants have more strangeness surrounding them than their simple rarity. Corpse Flowers Smell Like Rotting Meat Most … [Read more...]

The Insane Backlash Over Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was just released this past weekend and received a bevy of not just bad but zealously outraged reviews. The energy of the reviews actually matches the high energy of the movie. At heart, the movie is a refreshing change from the “strong, silent” hero movies that we have come to expect from adapted comics, launching a full cast of villains that have to act in hero … [Read more...]

American Horror Story Freak Show and Season Five Clues

American Horror Story is now in its fourth season, and has gained quite a following. While not all fans have liked all of the previous seasons, the show has fan appeal because the storyline changes completely from one season to the next. This leaves the show open for fans to pick up on whatever season they find the most interesting. Season 4 Freak Show So far, this season … [Read more...]