Kit Harington

Kit Harington is a London born English actor that has become a household name for his role in Game of Thrones. He  is currently hot on the Hollywood market and has been nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Drama Series. Harington is the son of a playwright and businessman. He was named after Christopher Marlowe, who shortened his name to Kit.

Harington’s Career


Harington went to drama school, where he earned recognition for his parts in several plays, including War Horse and Posh. He was selected for the role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones in 2011. In 2012, Harington was nominated for Best Supporting Actor on Television. In 2012, Harington acting in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Harington has since starred in several movies, many of which have been well received. For his role as Jon Snow, Harington could likely have his pick of many roles similar to his role in Game of Thrones at this time.

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