How a Gay Star Trek Character May Change Everything

The actor John Cho revealed in an interview that he would be playing the part of a gay man in the upcoming Star Trek installment, Star Trek Beyond. The franchise has been known for doing progressive things in the past, such as showing a kiss between two characters of different races when it was taboo and selecting a Russian character during the Cold War. The original Sulu was portrayed by George Takei, who recently came out, so it is fitting that John Cho’s portrayal of Sulu will be as a gay man. Here’s how Star Trek writers’ decision may change things:

People Will Get Used to It

Sulu gaySulu

There are bound to be Star Trek fans that revolt and anti-gay viewers that get up in arms over the decision to make Sulu gay. The words “political correctness” are bound to be thrown around. If movie makers jump on the bandwagon and make LGBTQ characters common, though? People will get used to it. If LGBTQ characters are represented as much on screen as in real life, it will eventually become normalized.

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