3 Reasons Elizabeth Gilbert’s Confession Is Not Actually That Shocking

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Yesterday, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of bestseller “Eat. Pray.Love.” announced that she is in love with Rayya Elias, her best friend of many years. The news made headlines across pretty much every major news source and shocked and outraged individuals slung mud around on comments forums. Here’s why the announcement wasn’t actually all that shocking, though. She Has Always … [Read more...]

Olympian Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps holds the record for most Olympic medals and also holds the largest number of Olympic gold medals, with those numbers being 28 and 23, respectively. Phelps previously retired, but came back from retirement to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 31-year-old is now officially retired again, though you wouldn’t know it by how quickly he was spotted right back in a … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga’s Growing Up

Lady Gaga has changed a lot since she first came onto the scene a few years ago. She was very gimmicky and pulled some stunts that got her into the public eye in a big way. Now Gaga is 30, though, and she seems to be making some changes that are pretty age appropriate. Her elegant new style is among them, but is not the only way that Gaga is showing the world that she is … [Read more...]