Kim Kardashian Paper Butt Spread

Kim Kardashian is winner of the biggest ass... hold it... biggest ass whooping. The trashy reality star, personality, person is so out of touch with reality, the best she can do is get her kit off, make a sex tape, or complain on her un-reality show that she has to move into her mother's mansion cos her mansion with Kanye West isn't ready yet, get your violins out now - boo … [Read more...]

Harry Styles Sings? And Gets Dressed and Smiles?

Harry Styles has been recognized for many of his Styles and less so for his music. If you look at some of his awards over the years, yes he's 20 and been on the scene for years, you'd be shocked, puking, laughing and probably rolling your eyes. Look at this fun list we compiled for you: We Love Pop Awards Best Hair in Pop  - Won Fittest Boy in Pop - Won Best Bum in Pop (Bum … [Read more...]

G20 Leaders Putin Pressure about Ukraine on Russian President

Tony Abbott, Australia's Prime Minister had promised his nation to 'shirtfront' Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit hosted in Brisbane in retaliation to the deaths of 38 Australian citizens and residents after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was destroyed by a missile from a launcher that came out of Russia. Shirtfront is a term used in Australian football describing an illegal … [Read more...]