3 Things We Learned from the Fan Falling Into the Yankees Dugout Yesterday

The New York Yankees got a bit of a surprise yesterday when a fan fell into their dugout during the game. The fan appeared to be pretty intoxicated, though he did also get a little shaken up by his dive into the dugout, hitting his head during the incident. The fan was removed without harm to any Yankee, but not before teaching us a few lessons. The Safeco Field Needs Better … [Read more...]

What the Heck Is a Corpse Flower and Why Are They All Over the News?

You may have noticed headlines about something called a corpse flower popping up all over the news lately. These plants are obviously rare, otherwise you likely would have heard of them before and they probably wouldn’t be making headlines. However, these plants have more strangeness surrounding them than their simple rarity. Corpse Flowers Smell Like Rotting Meat Most … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Every Mom Needs to See Bad Moms

“Bad Moms” aired in theaters this past weekend and made an impressive $23 million. The movie appealed to the everyday mom that knows she is not perfect and is not trying to be. The movie was a refreshing giggle at the absurdity of judgmentalness that surrounds moms these days. The movie took to Twitter to hype it up a little before its release and delivered on all of its … [Read more...]