Kevin Bacon

The man who is not six or more steps away from anybody in Hollywood, Kevin Bacon is a Golden Globe winner whose career has spanned three decades. Originally a teen actor known for roles in “Friday the 13th” and “Footloose,” he did not have one breakout role so much as slowly building a solid career throughout the ’80s and 90′s. It is because of this impressive body of work that … [Read more...]

Ellen Page Makes Statement in a Big Way at TIFF

Ellen Page walked the red carpet with her girlfriend Samantha Thomas at the Toronto International Film Festival, announcing to the world that she is in love. The couples’ debut appearance lined up perfectly with the premiere of Page’s new film “Freeheld” about a lesbian couple that is fighting for their relationship to be recognized in the wake of a terminal cancer diagnosis. … [Read more...]

SNL 40th Anniversary Star-Studded and Full of Drama

The 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live was celebrated with a seriously star-studded cast. Many of the alums have gone on to become household names, so the night was certainly an event to remember. Most of the stars did impressions of other stars, as is a major basis for SNL skits to this day. Some of the stars spoke or sang as well. The special was punctuated by musical … [Read more...]