3 Things We Learned from the Fan Falling Into the Yankees Dugout Yesterday

The New York Yankees got a bit of a surprise yesterday when a fan fell into their dugout during the game. The fan appeared to be pretty intoxicated, though he did also get a little shaken up by his dive into the dugout, hitting his head during the incident. The fan was removed without harm to any Yankee, but not before teaching us a few lessons.

The Safeco Field Needs Better Safeguards on the Dugouts

visitors dugout at safeco field

The fact that a fan can easily get into the visitors’ dugout is kind of unsettling for any baseball player that may be visiting the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field. Nets or other safeguards should probably be put in place. It is unlikely that the Seattle Field is the only one with type of security risk, so maybe that’s worth looking into? Some fans get far too crazed to make easy access to the dugouts a very safe thing to leave up in the air.

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