3 Reasons Every Mom Needs to See Bad Moms

“Bad Moms” aired in theaters this past weekend and made an impressive $23 million. The movie appealed to the everyday mom that knows she is not perfect and is not trying to be. The movie was a refreshing giggle at the absurdity of judgmentalness that surrounds moms these days. The movie took to Twitter to hype it up a little before its release and delivered on all of its promises to its (mostly) adoring audiences.

It’s a Lot of Relatable Fun

bad moms relatable

For any woman that has tried navigating the waters of 2016 motherhood, this movie is extremely relatable. Food allergies are a real thing that have exploded in the last 20 years or so, health consciousness has really changed, and it seems that some moms are looking for something to jump on and com plain about. This movie addressed all of those frustrations in a fun and exaggerated way, pandering to what many mothers think about.

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