3 Reasons Elizabeth Gilbert’s Confession Is Not Actually That Shocking

Yesterday, Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of bestseller “Eat. Pray.Love.” announced that she is in love with Rayya Elias, her best friend of many years. The news made headlines across pretty much every major news source and shocked and outraged individuals slung mud around on comments forums. Here’s why the announcement wasn’t actually all that shocking, though.

She Has Always Been On a Search for Love


Many of her harshest critics say that Gilbert claims to be a spiritual guru or someone that is an expert in love, but this is pretty far from the truth. Her famous memoir was actually about her coming to grips with the fact that she is not an expert in love and has a hard time clarifying her own wants and desires. Despite her own professed shortcomings in the area of love, she has always been on an all-encompassing journey to spread love and find love wherever she goes.

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