OMFG! Rumors Fly in Porsha and Kordell Stewart Divorce

images (5)When ex-NFL star and full-time control freak Kordell Stewart infamously filed for divorce from his wife Porsha last summer without so much as a word, leaving Porsha to learn about her own marriage ending on Twitter, it was apparent that Kordell thought he would control the media and all reactions about his divorce in much the same way he controlled his naive wife during their marriage. But, Kordell forgot one simple fact – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even a naive woman, and if that woman has her own highly-rated reality TV show, you’re in real trouble, bub.

Last night was the premier episode of Season 6 of Porsha Stewart’s show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and it seems as though Kordell’s humiliated ex is finally going to get her say, and what a say it will be. Porsha came right out of the gate showing and talking about everything to do with the divorce, including airing a sit-down meeting with her attorney and a tearful scene with her mother and sister where Kordell’s character as a husband was called into question. Kordell Stewart has dodged rumors about his sexuality since he was playing in the NFL, but he has always dismissed those rumors completely. But when the beautiful Porsha said in her southern charming manner Sunday night “There were definitely times…when Kordell didn’t want me physically,” gesturing to her fabulous figure, “And that made me wonder, ‘What does he want?’” the comment landed like a bomb on Kordell’s reputation. Porsha added that whenever she questioned Kordell about the rumors “He explained it away. He tried to make me feel comfortable with it.” It makes you wonder if Kordell regrets the way he disrespected Porsha when he filed for divorce, now that she has a WHOLE season of her show to respond.


  1. he is dumb. she is beautiful.

  2. Good for her! You show him, girl!

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